Access to Fresh Drinking Water is a Right, not Privilege

Green Technolog Global is dedicated to provisioning Fresh Drinking Water where there is no viable source of clean water due to a lack of replenishing natural water resources or where the water is unsafe to drink from a health perspective due to pollutants, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or other contaminants.


Green Technology Global employs Water from Air Atmospheric Water Generation to produce Fresh Drinking Water that meets or exceeds World Health Organization (WHO) Standards.

Green Technology Global is GSA listed Registration# 117227986 Cage Code 8FPK2

Our multi-stage filtration process ensures Fresh, Tasty, Healthy, Pure and Clean Water.

Green Technology is planning on opening a large US manufacturing facility in 2022 located in Southern California that will address the diminishing water supply currently provided by the Colorado River to residents located between Las Vegas Phoenix and Los Angeles/San Diego. We offer a 20 Liter per day Residential Unit to create full independence from municipal water infraststructure that is tainted with lead and other contaminants. Larger sized units ranging from 100L to 500L per day can be installed to provide full water needs for an entire household. GTG also provides large capacity Non-Potable Atmospheric Water Generators that can be used for Controlled Economic Agriculture (Vertical Farms using hydroponics and drip irrigation). We welcome you to our website and hope that we provide you with education and technical information related to Green Technology and 21st Century water making methodology