GTG manufactures an array of Water from Air Atmospheric Water Generators that produce Fresh Drinking Water that meets or exceeds World Health Organization Standards.

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Fresh Water Atmospheric Water Generators


Zero impact on the environment. Independent of municipal infrastructure. Sustainable, daily renewal Fresh Drinking Water. Read More

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Non-Potable Water for Agriculture


Clean Water Generated from the Atmosphere provides a renewable source that is not dependent on polluted ground water. Read More

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Water Storage Reservoirs


GTG provides an extensive line of Corrogated Steel Zincalume Tanks that are rust-proof and weather proof ranging from 1500L residential to 2.1 Million Liters Industrial sizes. Read More

Our Core Competencies

Green Technology's Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) 

 High Capacity Water Storage Tanks 

 Solar and Diesel-powered Backup Power Units to run the AWGs 

 Microgrid computerized technology 

 Leak-free Distribution Systems serving Residential, Commercial, Agricultural and Social Venues

 Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Plants 

 Stormwater Management including Retention and Redistribution Mechanisms 

 Erosion Controls 

 Read More


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GTG Water From Air Brainshark Presentation

Let us introduce you to 21st Century Technology that provides Pure, Fresh and Tasty Drinking Water Daily with no dependence upon municipal infrastucture. Helpful link...

GTG 20 Liter/5.28 Gallons Per Day Cold/Hot Water from Air Atmospheric Water Generator

This appliance is ideal for providing Fresh Drinking Quality water as a beverage or for cooking Helpful link...

See our GTG Water from Air AWG Unit in Action furnishing fresh drinking water

Plug and Play. Simply connect the Water from Air AWG to power and enjoy Fresh Drinking Water on Demand. Helpful link...

Large Water Storage Reservoirs

Please take a few minutes to view our GTG Water Storage Reservoir Catalog Helpful link...

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