With Solar Mixers Green Technology Global offers customized Storage Reservoirs with a Potable Water PVC liner that insures fresness of the water and protection agains the elements, insects, sand, algae and bacteria.

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Tank Design Code: AWWA - American Water Works Association D 103, Tank Wall: High Tensile Zincalume sheets 0,8mm - 6mm, Yield Strength: 250 N/mmm, Tensile Strength: 320 N/mm, Coating: Zincalume (Zinc/Aluminium Alloy) AZ 150.

PVC Liner Design Specifications: AS/NZS 4020:2005 In contact with drinking water, Base Fabirc: 100% Polyester plain weave to SANS 79 standard, Linear density: 1100d/Tex to BS 3424 standard, Tensile Strength: min 2400 N/50mm to BS 3424 standard, Tear Strength: min 350 N/50mm to BS 3424 standard.

DOME ROOF: Trusses: Square Tubing (SABS 657-1), Hot-dip galvanized (SABS 1461), Corrugated Zincalume Sheets: G550 High Tensile grade AZ 150 coating, Roof Trusses Spacing: 1,5m spacing depending on the size and wind load, Support Brackets: 100mm - 300mm hot dip galvanized brackets, Roof Ventilator: Roof is fitted with a wind turbine to reduce condensation, Manhole: Frame and cover manufactured from 1mm zincalume sheets.


The Customized Tank is designed to stand up to aggressive wind loads in specific regions where hurricanes, high winds and thunderstorms occur regularly. The tank shell can be adapted to your specific needs, we can adapt the wall sheet thickness, roof sheeting and truss design for an even more durable structure when nature comes thundering down.


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The steel panels of the tank are coated with a zinc layer on both sides. The corrugated steel sheet is continuously hot dipped in a formulation of Aluminum (55%), Zinc (43.5%) and Silicon (1.5%). The aluminum components of the coating provide a tough physical barrier between the extreme atmospheric conditions and the inner core steel. Zinc has inherent sacrificial properties and corrodes first before the mild steel corrodes. 

 A lightweight zincalume roof designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 55m/second can cover tanks. Roofs are fitted with a hatch, internal and external ladder for easy access inside the tank. Tanks can also be sealed with felt to avoid insect and dust contamination. All commercial and industrial water storage tanks require the construction of a concrete ring beam footing. It is imperative for the client to ensure that the foundation and civil works for the site are adequate. Ring beam design is dependant on the tank size and location. 

This high quality panel-type reservoir is a modular steel tank storage solution that bolts together for easy installation. A certified potable liner with woven base fabric polyester yearn ensures safe water storage for drinking. With capacities ranging from 16m3 to 3 100m3, these steel coated panel tanks are available in a multitude of design specifications depending on the client’s requirements, ranging from 3,0m x 2,34m high to 22,28m x 8,18m high. 

 Our Zincalume coated tanks are very competitively priced and due to the modular nature can be installed extremely quickly by a certified installer, even in difficult or remote sites anywhere around the world.


 Floating, solar powered, circulation equipment for potable water reservoirs. Day/ night operation on solar only by utilizing a battery to store excess daytime power for nighttime operation.

 316 stainless steel construction. Foam-filled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) floats. Thermoplastic rubber intake hose. HDPE strainer. The SB500PWc is NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Listed, includes NSF/ANSI 61, Annex G.

 80-watt PV solar panel. Battery storage for day/night operation. Digital, solid-state controller, mounted in weather-tight (NEMA 4X) enclosure with internally fused disconnect. SCADA output through RS-232 Serial Communication (Modbus RTU), DB9 male connection point inside enclosure.

 Three floats in triangular pattern with total float buoyancy of 300 pounds (140 kg).

**Collapsible design for easy deployment through an 18" opening.
**Power System: Solar with battery backup system allows for 24/7 day and night operation. Optional grid-power backup.
**Frame Construction: T316 stainless steel.
**Floatation: Foam-filled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) floats.
**Intake: 8" thermoplastic rubber intake hose with HDPE strainer.
**SCADA outputs. Wireless options are available.
**Disinfectant boosting capable.
**Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 372 standards.

Life / Maintenance / Warranty
**Expect 25-year life, minimal maintenance.
**Limited 2-year parts and labor warranty.
**Limited 25-year photovoltaic module manufacturer performancy warranty
**10-year motor warranty.